About Crown Kingz Productions

Crown Kingz Productions is an Atlanta-based collective of ultra-talented producers, industry pundits, and creative geniuses with a track record of success. The end goal for CKP is to keep making music. They are blessed with the ability in working in an atmosphere to make music that the entire world hears, feels, and appreciates.

The future of you [artist] is what we’re trying to accomplish... Our hard work is definitely paying off.- Nico Solis

At first, nobody was trying to feel us, but we always felt our flair for versatility, and it’s what makes us among the most sought after producers. - Mike Davis

We have a creative process, and it involves our team and the people we work with. - Howard White


Production Mastery

Our production team will ensures that every track reaches perfection. Working in conjunction with the largest studios in the industry and our own private locations, we can execute from recording to mastering. We are skilled masters of our trade.

Talent Management

When creative talent gets management power, the artist has more freedom to avoid the politics of business. Crown Kingz Productions is a collaborative of artists, promoters, and most of all, industry leaders.


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